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    25th May 2020

    The best running tracks in Hamburg

    Take a break from everyday life and work on your fitness - and maybe even train for the half-marathon. Running is healthy, fun and can also have the nice side effect that you get to know your own city better. These ten most beautiful running tracks in Hamburg make it possible. They all have different lengths and degrees of difficulty. But they all have one thing in common: they all combine training with a great view of beautiful places in Hamburg while running.

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    23rd May 2020

    Tutorial: Side lunge

    Here is how to perform a side lunge for increased lower body strength. This bodyweight exercise will increase exercise and sports performance.

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    18th May 2020

    How can unilateral training help you in your routine?

    Never heard of unilateral training? Here’s why you should’ve heard about it by now and why this type of training will improve your physical condition.

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    13th May 2020

    Tutorial: Tornado

    The tornado will improve core power and control for increased exercise and sports performance. Here is all you need to know to perform it correctly.

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    12th May 2020

    Functional shoulder exercises to improve mobility

    Ever tried to get a particularly tight jumper off and felt a twinge in your shoulder? Functional shoulder exercises can help you with that.

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    7th May 2020

    Tutorial: Core bag deadlift to row

    The core bag deadlift to row is a great combo exercise that will challenge your strength and muscular endurance. Here is all you need to know to do it.

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