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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Take your training to the next level. Our personal trainer can design a customized program with continuous monitoring and motivation.

Start your EVOlution now! Train with a professional personal trainer if you want to

  • want to learn the right technique right from the start.
  • have trouble motivating yourself
  • want to get the most out of your training time.
  • want to achieve a specific goal.
  • want to learn new training methods.

Personal trainers

All of our specially trained personal trainers represent our innovative philosophy and regularly take part in further training courses. They are experts at what they do. What are you waiting for? Personal training prices must be agreed individually with the trainer. Talk to your local club manager or contact us by email or phone if you would like to work out with a personal trainer.
Matthias (Düsseldorf, Le Flair)

Düsseldorf, Le Flair

I coach you in the progression of mobility, stability and strength. We will improve your technique in the fundamental movement patterns Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat and Groundwork and make your training even more successful.
Matthias Leiporz
+49 177 7474218
Instagram: formgeber
Bardo (Düsseldorf, Le Flair)

Düsseldorf, Le Flair

I accompany you in the process of individual health promotion and personal fitness improvement. My approach is characterized by holistic methods. I am a passionate motivator and coach
Bardo Tschapke
+49 170 6020102
Instagram: healthcoachbardo
Nathalie (Düsseldorf, Le Flair)

Düsseldorf, Le Flair

My task is to strengthen your "weaknesses" and to recognize your limit. With correct technique you will be amazed at what you can experience with my passion and patience.
Nathalie Vitakova
+49 162 2579654
Instagram: vitakova.de
Philipp (Hamburg, Sternschanze)

Hamburg, Sternschanze und Blankenese

It doesn't matter how "unfit" or "anxious" you think you are, I will pick you up exactly where you are at the moment and accompany you afterwards exactly where you would like to go.
Philipp Müller
+49 157 70638383

Berlin, Mitte

The focus of my training is on functional training. The basis for this is to activate the core and to recall familiar movement patterns.
Florian Bamberg
+49 152 38531912
Brandon (Hamburg, Stadthausbrücke)

Hamburg, Stadthausbrücke

With the help of analysis tools, strength, endurance and mobility tests, we record your current condition and look together how we can achieve your desired target condition. And all this while taking your personality into account.
Brandon Beisker
+49 176 303 09926
Instagram: Brandon_coach_fifty_one
Christina (Hamburg, Blankenese)

Hamburg, Blankenese

With passion I accompany women physically and mentally out of their comfort zone to their desired figure. My customized functional training is based on health and always keeps the holistic aspect in focus.
Christina Oral
+49 176 32370129
Kofi (Hamburg, Sternschanze)

Hamburg, Sternschanze

Movement means life. That's what I believe in and that's why I've made it my mission to bring people closer to exactly that again - holistically, health-oriented and sustainably.
Kofi Afarwuah
+49 176 87146840
Instagram: forever.moving
Alexander Schröder

Düsseldorf, LeFlair

With my holistic understanding of movement, we take your athletics and movement skills to a new level and complement your training adequately with movements from functional patterns, mobility, flexibility, calisthenics & movements, among others.
Alexander Schröder
+49 17656904498
Instagram: _movement_skills_
Levie Mukendi

Berlin, Mitte

My style of training is pretty dynamic based upon what I feel works best for Clients to help them reaching their fitness goals. I understand that every client is unique and so are their needs, which is why each session is planned around your needs .
Levie Mukendi
+49 1624788251
Instagram: leviemukendi