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    Why EVO?

    At EVO you can work on your individual goals in a relaxed atmosphere with high-quality equipment! We give everything every day so that you feel good at EVO and stay motivated for the long term.

    The unique combination of free functional training and guided equipment training picks you up exactly where you are and supports you in achieving your long-term fitness goals and staying healthy and fit.

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    Wirf' einen Blick in unsere Clubs!

    Our virtual 3D tour will give you a taste of what to expect at EVO, and you can take a detailed look around. Click here for the virtual 3D tour:


    We are back for you! All our clubs in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Berlin are open again. We will keep you updated on the information about the COVID-19 regulations of the individual locations.

    Please note our COVID-19 information about training in our clubs:

    COVID-19 Information
    Premium equipment

    At EVO, you will find equipment and machinery from leading fitness brands

    Premium equipment
    Unique club concept

    At EVO, your fitness will find a home. Work out in a prime ambience with a unique boutique design.

    Unique club concept
    Access to all EVO clubs

    With your EVO membership, you receive unlimited access to all EVO clubs in Germany.

    Access to all EVO clubs
    All EVO classes inclusive

    Take part in our small group fitness courses. You will be guided by our expert trainers. No pre-booking necessary and no additional costs.

    All EVO classes inclusive
    EVOMOVE training system

    Cardio zone, free weights area, functional training playground, strength machinery and a mobility and stretching section. At EVO, you will find everything for a holistic training and can develop an individual workout routine.

    EVOMOVE training system
    New setup and modern equipment

    We have equipped all clubs with new and the most modern equipment at the beginning of 2020. At EVO you will find everything your fitness heart desires and even more.

    New setup and modern equipment

    Our workout app gets you there!

    • Personalised Workout Plans: level up your workout, using our personalised, custom workout plans!
    • Your Biological Age: find out your biological age with a holisitic health overview for the aspects of strength, cardio and metabolism.
    • Track Your Activity: collect activity points by tracking your workouts and take part in various challenges with great rewards!
    • Stay Up to Date: find an overview of all group classes in your EVO club and always stay up to date on the latest happenings in your EVO location.
    EVO Members

    Our Members

    Be inspired and read the opinions of our members. For us, it is first priority that you like to invest your free time in your fitness and that you reach your goals.

    Hamburg, Stadthausbrücke

    I love to train at EVO because I like the atmosphere very much and I can find all the equipment I need for my training. It doesn't matter if I want to do a cardio session, an intensive weight training or one of my HIIT workouts. I simply feel comfortable, also with the other members


    Hamburg, Stadthausbrücke

    I love training at Evo because here I can focus completely on myself in a relaxed atmosphere!


    Berlin, Mitte

    EVO is the ideal gym for me, because it offers a variety of possibilities in a family atmosphere. Due to the perfect location close to the Alexander Platz, I can often combine the way home from work with a workout at EVO - fitness on the go, so to speak. The modern equipment and the variety in the cardio area always motivate me to set other important accents besides running training. And the best thing about it: professional and extremely customer-oriented club managers!


    Hamburg, Stadthausbrücke

    I train at EVO Fitness Stadthausbrücke Hamburg because I feel incredibly comfortable here in every aspect. The studio offers me everything I need for my training and its various facets - in addition, I enjoy the peace and privacy that you experience in this gym. The EVO gym is top modern, not only in terms of the training area, but also in terms of changing rooms and showers. For me my number 1 fitness club in Hamburg.


    Hamburg, Blankenese

    The equipment at Evo is modern and very varied. Everybody gets his money's worth there, no matter if beginner or advanced. In addition, the trainers always have an open ear for everyone. I am very satisfied with Evo and would definitely recommend it.


    Hamburg, Schanze

    As an athlete I came to the conclusion that functional training is the most effective way for my lifestyle maintenance and development. Evo is a gym in Hamburg that makes it easy to check-in and out any time during the day. focusing mostly around functional areas which provides me great tools to maintain and improve towards my goals.


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