Training28th May 2018

Tutorial: Roll out with step

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform Roll Out With Step the EVO way.


  • Roll Out With Step is super functional warm up exercise that promotes coordination and mobility
  • Warm up is a very important phase of exercise program that increases body temperature, prepare muscles, ligaments and tendons to exercise
  • A good warm up is crucial when on a cold environment, preventing injuries


  • With the bar hanged by the strips, hold it on the extremities with your arms extended. The bar must be aligned with your chest
  • Try to maintain your trunk in a planking position while you lean forward and step forward
  • Keep your arms extended, holding the bar and try to go further, extending your shoulders, trunk and legs
  • Step back to the early position


  • Roll Out With Step increases functional mobility in a full body activation mode
  • Promotes core activation
  • Promotes coordination
  • Promotes also joint mobility