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Training2nd June 2021

Train safe with our Air Purifier!

Feel safe while working out! We have equipped our clubs in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin with the certified Puritii multi-effect air purifier to provide our members with the greatest possible protection against bacteria.

What can the Puritii Multi-Effect Air Purifier do?

The Air Purifier produces between 673 and 725.4 cubic meters of clean air per hour (396 - 426.9 ft3 /min), exceeding all standards! Thus, up to <99.99% of airborne contaminants can be removed and a safe training experience can be provided.

The circular, multi-stage filter, which is a combination of metal and polymer mesh, activated carbon, H13 HEPA filter and zeolite, delivers 360° of fresh airflow and provides clean air in large spaces.

How is safety guaranteed?

The Puritii multi-effect air purifier has been subjected to many tests in advance, which you can read about here.

But the most important test result for our current situation is the measurement of the smallest particles with the average of 0.1 to 0.3 millimeters. These are reduced with the Air Purifier up to 99.99%.

The Air Purifier quickly and very effectively eliminates airborne pollutants and you can feel completely comfortable while training in our clubs.

If you have any questions about safety, please contact us or take a look at our other hygiene actions!


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