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Marisa HeinzeOctober 18, 2022

Individual, group or personal training: what suits you?

We all want to be trained and fit. In a well-planned working day, however, it is sometimes not that easy to motivate ourselves to train and then to do it consistently. But don't panic: luckily there are many different approaches and training methods, so that you too can find the right sport for you. In this article we will introduce you to some of them and help you to find out whether individual, group, or maybe even personal training suits you best.

Individual, group or personal training: what are the differences?

Before we explain the differences between these three training methods in more detail, it must be said that the type of training is always a matter of personal taste. Each of the three types of training has its advantages. Whether you can use this for yourself depends not only on your individual preference but also on the type of training, availability at your place of residence and, of course, your wallet.

The individual training: perfect for more experienced athletes

In individual training, one person trains alone. This means that they put together their own training plan and follow it as disciplined as possible. Someone who can combine training well with their everyday life and has no problems motivating themselves can use this type of training perfectly and train in a concentrated manner. The goal is left to the individual and compliance is not "monitored" by anyone.

Group training: motivated in a team

Group training is the exact opposite of this. As the name suggests, sport enthusiasts meet regularly and do sports together. The sport is usually not practiced in a team, as is the case with team sports such as football or volleyball, but the focus is on the community character. This means that there is a group leader who specifies the exercises and a larger group of participants who imitates them. The execution and the intensity with which you carry out the exercises is mostly up to you and has no influence on the other participants. Nevertheless, training in a group usually has a motivating character.

Personal training: from motivation to perfection

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to personal training. The trainee (usually on personal request) is assigned an experienced trainer who shows them how to get the most out of themselves. But not only professional athletes with a very specific goal resort to this form of training. Personal training is also worthwhile if you...

  • want to learn the right technique from the start.
  • have trouble motivating yourself.
  • want to achieve a specific goal.
  • want to get to know new training methods.

Which training is suitable for whom?

As mentioned earlier, the choice of training method depends on the following factors:

  • personal needs and preferences
  • your budget
  • availability
  • your motivation and discipline

Basically, individual training, i.e. training without any support, requires a high level of self-motivation and especially self-discipline. You not only have to keep the goal of the training in mind, but also maintain a certain regularity. All alone - a real challenge.

A little support is usually worth its weight in gold - a friend as a training partner can often be very helpful. But group training also boosts the motivation factor.

Perhaps the best quality support can be offered by personal training. In the best-case scenario, a personal trainer has already achieved their own goals or knows from experience how to get across the finish line.

Individual, group or personal training: what suits you?
Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of training

Training at EVO - our offer to you

We at EVO are happy to be at your side in several cities across Germany to complete successful, long-term training. Regardless of whether you prefer to train alone or would like to hire one of our personal trainers, you will find the right equipment for every type of training with us. Our club managers will be happy to create an individual training plan for you that is not only perfectly tailored to your needs, but can also be adapted as desired.

Sound good?

Register now for a non-binding trial session and visit our studios in person. During 1 hour you have the opportunity to test our equipment and get a feel for the EVO concept. If you would like to bring a friend, who is also interested in EVO training, you are very welcome to.

We look forward to your visit and will be happy to advise you when it comes to putting together the best possible training offer for you.


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