Training14th February 2017

15 min workout for 2

Training on your own is great - it's your time, your space, your chance to focus on what's important to you. However, training with your BFF, work colleague, another gym member, or even your life partner (it is Valentine's Day after all) – can be fun, challenging and invigorating. And you get to kick each other's butt with some healthy competition!

Exercise sequence

Perform the following 7 exercises in order. Each exercise should last 45s, with 15s rest. Move straight onto the next exercise. At the end of the circuit, take 1 minute rest then repeat the circuit. For added variety, you can repeat the circuit in reverse order.


Large medicine ball (6-8kg)Small medicine ball (4-6kg)Timer (set to 45s work, 15s rest, 7 cycles)

1. Over and under

Stand back to back, with one person holding a small med ball. As you both squat, one person passes the ball between the legs to the other. Both stand up and pass the ball overhead (with straight arms). Then squat again and continue the movement for 45s.

2. Lunge and pass

Stand facing each (2 large stride lengths apart) with one person holding a small med ball. Lunge towards each other and pass the ball over. Lunge back to start position and repeat on the other leg. Continue for 45s.

3. Bend and throw

Stand facing each (about 3 stride lengths apart) with a large med ball on the ground in front of one person. Keeping the knees slightly bent, bend down, pick up the ball and throw it to your partner. As they catch it, they will bend down and tap the ball on the floor, before throwing it back. Continue back and forth for 45s.

4. Push and roll

Both start in a push up position (about 1 large stride apart), facing each other. Position a small med ball in front of one person. That person rolls the ball to their partner and immediately performs a push up. The partner stops the ball, and rolls it back, then also performs a push up. Continue for 45s.

5. Row and pass

Stand side by side, with one person holding a large med ball. Slightly bend the knees and hinge forward at the hips, with arms hanging down. The person with the ball performs a row then passes the ball to their partner. The partner rows and passes the ball back. Continue for 45s.

6. Twist and turn

Stand back to back with one person holding a small med ball. The person with the ball twists to the right and passes the ball to their partner. They take the ball from their left and twist to the right and pass the ball back. Continue passing the ball as fast as possible in one direction. Switch directions every 5 reps and continue for 45s.

7. Shuffle and switch

For this one you need about 5m of space. Stand facing each other, one person holding a large med ball. At the same time, both side shuffle about 5m in the same direction (one person holding the ball). When you get to the end, pass the ball over and shuffle back. Pass the ball over again and continue for 45s.Have fun and enjoy Valentine’s Day. Don't forget to share your experiences with us