Progressive and playful training

4 Zones for achieving your training objectives

EVO clubs have different training zones designed to meet the needs of every member and provide a progressive and playful training environment

Although each EVO club will be slightly different, you will still find some or all of the training zones.


Cardio Zone

This area is home to cutting edge touch screen full connectivity Precor Preva treadmills, AMTs and bikes. In addition, EVO has the latest Tomahawk spin bikes with the Train by Colour console. If you are interested in learning how to use this equipment, join in on our Group Inductions.


Kinesis Lounge

In this area, you will find the latest TechnoGym Kinesis equipment, including Kinesis Stations and the innovative Kinesis Wall. This area combines the familiarity of traditional resistance machines with the versatility of 3D movement training. EVO has designed this zone as a standalone training area, and as a bridge to our Performance Zone. Should you be interested in learning how to use the Kinesis equipment, our team of experienced Personal Trainers will be happy to demonstrate.

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Performance Zone

This zone has some of the most advanced and innovative performance training equipment – weight training equipment ranges from Olympic barbells, bench press station, dumbbells, to kettlebells, medicine balls, and core bags. In addition, on this zone, you will find a sprint track, an SAQ grid, and a slam board. EVO is also proud to have Concept II rowers, WattBike and an exclusive Running Technique Analysis Laboratory that has a Woodway treadmill and cutting edge Pressure Plate technology.

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This area is a dedicated space for freestyle training. If you’re interested in pure bodyweight training, we have a bespoke Octagon functional frame, a textured traverse wall, gymnastic rings, and Swedish ladders.

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