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Rise and shine: benefits of working out in the morning

Rise and shine: benefits of working out in the morning
Want to know the enemy of working out in the morning? Your snooze button.
You know the drill - your alarm grates, you grab five more minutes. The next thing you know, half an hour has passed and you no longer have time to exercise.
But starting your day with a training session has some serious advantages. Once you know the perks of working out in the morning, changing your mindset and exercising first thing is much easier.
Why you should learn to love working out in the morning
1. Supercharged for the day ahead
Morning exercisers benefit from an instant energy boost. Oxygen and nutrients rush to your heart and lungs, improving your cardiovascular system and stamina. You’ll feel more awake and ready to take on the day. Bonus - you’ll keep moving more in general throughout the rest of the day too.
2. Mental clarity
As well as physical stamina, you’ll tap into a mental sharpness that can last all day. Recent research shows that working out in the morning helps you feel more alert. The best time to boost alertness is 7am, which had greater benefits than exercising at 4am, 10am, 7pm or 10pm.
3. Torches more fat
Working out in the morning is often done on an empty stomach - meaning your energy has to be pulled from your fat stores. Another reason training first thing burns more fat is down to raised cortisol levels - which are highest when you wake up and help you metabolise fat.
4. Healthier food choices
Don’t be fooled by the myth that you’ll eat more if you exercise before the day starts. Studies actually show that you’ll indulge less throughout the day if you sweat it out in the morning. You’ll consume fewer unnecessary calories since food actually seems less appealing after a morning workout.
5. Falling asleep is easier
Evening exercise can rev up your body, making it harder to switch off. Working out in the morning lowers your blood pressure and helps you sleep deeper and longer, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
6. Fewer distractions
How many times have you planned to hit the gym after work, then jumped on an easy excuse to skip it once five o’clock hits? Whether you’re too tired, too hungry or have too much on your to-do list to work out, you’re less likely to get distracted when you fit in training at the start of the day.
Put simply, morning training sessions help maximise your workout efforts, making you feel more engaged and motivated in the long run. There’s a reason the word ‘training’ is often followed with the word ‘routine’ - working out needs to become a habit to be sustainable.
That said, the right strategies can help you reach the next level with your training. Whether you’re aiming for muscle gain, less body fat or improved endurance, getting a plan in place can help you reach your goals quicker. Book a trail session with our personal trainers - they’ll put together a bespoke programme designed to motivate, monitor and power you forward.

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