Training9th August 2017

Wattbike is Best?

What is the Wattbike?

The Wattbike is an indoor cycle created with British Cycling to provide indoor bike training and testing that is suitable for fitness enthusiasts to Olympic Gold Medallists. If you’re looking to improve your performance, the Wattbike is the ultimate training tool.

Indoor training

While indoor training can be controversial, there are many benefits, including:
  • less distraction
  • easy monitoring of performance
  • not dependent on weather
  • convenient
The bike provides all the data you need on its in-built screen, or via the Wattbike-Hub-App (through Bluetooth connectivity).

What information does the Wattbike give?

Although Wattbikes can display over 30 performance parameters, here are some of the popular ones:
  • WATTS – this is a measurement of power (how hard you’re working over time). This is literally a measurement of your ability to move your body (and bike) over a distance.
  • CADENCE – sometimes referred to as RPM (revolutions per minute), this is essentially your rhythm. Finding an ideal cadence will improve efficiency.
  • DISTANCE – for all those looking to rack up the miles!
  • PEDALLING TECHNIQUE – this is a measurement unique to the Wattbike. Data is collected (via sensors) 100 times per second to display a real-time graph of pedaling technique. Optimal technique includes left/right leg balance, as well as quad-hamstring balance.
  • MAXIMUM MINUTE POWER – assessed via a short test on the Wattbike, this measurement is sued to calculate your personalized training zones.
  • AVERAGE POWER – a great metric to benchmark fitness and track performance changes.

Benefits of Wattbike training

Here are some of the benefits of Wattbike training that make it so different to traditional indoor and studio bikes:
  • road-like feel
  • fully adjustable
  • accurate power measurements
  • pedal stroke analysis
  • fitness testing capability
  • Wattbike app displays live data on your phone and saves training sessions
If you are interested in learning how the Wattbike can improve your fitness, please speak to an EVOPersonal Trainer, or simply jump onto one of the Wattbikes and have a play - feeling is believing!