Training16th April 2018

Tutorial: Lunge Jump with rotation

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform a Lunge Jump with rotation the EVO way.


  • Lunge is a functional exercise and it’s a fundamental movement pattern.
  • Performing in an alternated way it we make you feel like walking movement pattern.
  • By adding jumps to this exercise we can burn more calories.
  • With the torso twist we can increase trunk strength, mobilization and stabilization.


  • Hang the bar fixed on the strips at chest level
  • Stand in front the bar, with your feet at hip width and one foot in front of the other. Like in a big step.
  • Engage the core and twist your trunk to the side of the leg you’ve chosen to place in the front first.
  • With the trunk highly stable, jump, switch legs and twist your trunk to the opposite side.


  • A lunge increases strength on legs, glutes and thighs.
  • It demands trunk stabilization and promotes balance
  • Adding a bigger trunk twist and higher jumps, we can increase muscle activity and burn more calories.