Training27th August 2018

Tutorial: Lateral Jumps

Lateral Jumps increase the coordination between the torso and legs, and it helps in stabilising the hip, knees and feet joints. This exercise also promotes agility and weight transfer while we alternate from one foot to another. By jumping above the bar, from one side to another, we’re moving our centre of gravity, and that requires we activate the coordination between the muscles in our thighs along with the glutes, to absorb the landing impact and to stabilise the hip.

This last bit requires the activation of your core to regain balance and prevent any fall.

Technically, this exercise is also an excellent exercise to prevent injuries because it helps you stabilising the knees and feet, making your ankles stronger, thus preventing sprains.


How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform Lateral Jumps the EVO way.

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  • Lateral Jumps is a functional exercise that promotes the four pillars of locomotion alongside with lateral stabilisation.
  • This exercise has a cardio element and, at the same time, demands a lot from the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Promotes the stabilisation of your trunk and activates the structures in your body that control your hips.
  • It activates the trunk muscles and stimulates balance.


  • Stand beside the bar; it should be suspended and close to the ground.
  • Start performing the exercise slowly.
  • Bend your knee and move your feet over the bar, transferring your bodyweight to the opposite side.
  • Now that you already have the weight over the feet that crossed the bar, bend the knee of the opposite leg and close your legs.
  • Repeat the movement.
  • Now that you’re more familiarised with the movement, start increasing the speed. In no time you’ll feel like you were rollerblading.


  • Allows you to control your centre of gravity and improves speed.
  • It’s a good cardio exercise.
  • Strengthens quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.
  • Activates and stabilises the muscles that control the trunk and hips.
  • Gives you more balance and prevents falls.