Training11th September 2017

Tutorial: Kinesis Step Up


The Kinesis step up is a functional whole body strength and balance exercise.
  • This exercise uses the Kinesis Step, and targets the legs, lower back, and the last/upper back.
  • The Kinesis step up is a great exercise for those who want to add variety to their leg training; and also for those wishing to increase leg strength and stability using a single leg movement.


  • Stand on the platform holding the handles by your side.
  • Engage the core and step up onto the high platform with the right leg. Maintain the right knee over the right toes at all times. Keep the handles tight by your side, using the abdominal and low back muscles to stabilize the movement.
  • Step down with the right leg, and stabilize your body, ready for the left leg.
  • Switch legs and alternate for reps or time.
Training tip – for an added core challenge, just hold one handle. This will engage the opposite side of the torso to a a greater degree, so be sure to switch sides. As a variation (without weight) try stepping up laterally (sideways), switching legs after each set.


  • Any stepping movement (e.g. climbing stairs) not only requires strength in the stepping leg, it also requires control of the torso - to counter balance falling to the opposite side. When stepping with the right leg, the left side of the torso must effectively engage to create balance and efficacy. Adding an unstable load via the cables, further increases the demands through the core musculature.
  • In the same way as a lunge, the step is a unilateral exercise, that can be very useful in highlighting left to right imbalances in movement. Because of the increased balance requirements, the Kinesis step up can also be a great alternative to lifting heavier weights, allowing you to focus on control and balance.
  • Modern day lifestyles often remove the need for stepping (use of elevators or escalators). Therefore, this movement has become weak for many people. Alongside the lunge, the step is an important strength and balance exercise that should become part of a regular fitness program.

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