Training25th June 2018

Tutorial: Kinesis low to high chop

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform Kinesis low to high chop the EVO way.

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The Kinesis low to high chop is a whole-body exercise that activates coordination. You'll be using your upper body and your lower body to replicate a movement that is daily used in numerous chores.


  • Kinesis low to high chop is a functional exercise
  • Builds up core strength and stability combined with torso rotation
  • Generates power and strength in the lower and upper Body


  • Standing with your back turned to the kinesis One, hold one of the cable grips with both hands and twist your torso with arms extended.
  • . Feet must point to the cable side and you must be in a lunge position.
  • Activate your core.
  • Rotate your ankle to opposite side.
  • As you twist your hip activating both abs and glutes, extend your legs and use your back and chest to stabilize the scapula and elevate your arms until your head.
  • The movement must be finished with both feet pointed to opposite cable on a lunge position.
  • Turn to the initial position, twisting your torso, and stabilizing the scapula.


  • Increases functional strength and mobility in a full-body activation mode.
  • Promotes core activation.
  • Promotes coordination.
  • Promotes joint mobility.
  • Increases power.
  • Increases agility.