Training29th March 2018

Tutorial: Glute Bridge

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform a Glute Bridge the EVO way.


  • The glute bridge is a functional body strength and balance exercise
  • This exercise uses a bar and strips to hold up the feet and targets the legs, glutes, abs and lower back
  • It's a great exercise for those who want to add a complementary exercise to their leg Training


  • With the bar hanged by the strips, lay down on the floor and hold up your feet over it.
  • Lengthen your arms along the body with palms facing the floor
  • Maintaining the hip balance, set your feet over the bar and elevate the hips using the glutes as principal muscle.
  • Notice the lumbar movement while you go up
  • Reduce gradually the amount of strength on the glutes and land gently the hip on the Floor


  • Glute is a very powerful muscle that absorb a great amount of muscular tension
  • It is a very important muscle on transition forces from the lower body to upper body and has a delicate relation with lower back.
  • Despite of its great importance on transition forces, most people has lack of glute strength because nowadays people spend most of time seated. These condition creates unbalanced forces on lower back muscles and abs and increases on one hand the lumbar arch and on the other hand the stiffness of those muscles to protect the bone structure
  • Mobilizing the lower back structure and strengthening the glutes promotes a healthier spine