Training14th August 2017

Tutorial: Deep Squat With Long Post


The deep squat with long post is a variation of the squat pattern that improves strength, endurance, balance, and mobility.
  • It can be considered as a whole-body movement, with a focus on hip and back extension.
  • This is a bodyweight-only movement that moves from a two-point to a three-point position on the floor.
  • Ideal for inclusion within a warm-up or cool-down, or as an active rest exercise during a main workout.


  • Begin in a comfortable deep squat position.
  • Reach behind with one hand, placing it on the floor behind you (fingers pointing back).
  • Push the hand into the ground (with the arm straight) and simultaneously push the hips upwards as you reach the opposite arm overhead and towards the other hand. The torso will bend backwards and twist towards the planted hand.
  • Hold for a few seconds as you feel the hip extension and torso stretch. Return and switch sides; repeat for time or reps.
As a training tip, focus on driving the hips to create the reach; if your spinal motion is restricted/stiff, simply reach straight up rather than backwards.


  • The deep squat is a fundamental human movement pattern and an important developmental milestone.
  • As an exercise, the squat builds whole-body functional flexibility, mobility and balance. The deep squat with long post variation builds on this by moving between whole body flexion and extension. This makes it ideal as part of shorter warm-up when time is limited.
  • From a movement flow perspective, the deep squat with long post exercise can be used as a transitional movement, for example, going from a deep squat to long post to crab position to an under-switch to crawling. Playful sequences like this can bring a much-needed break to conventional training programs, whilst still meeting fitness objectives.
  • Where space or equipment is limited, use this exercise alongside other bodyweight movements to create novel workouts that build strength and flexibility at the same time. For example, perform a deep squat (1 rep) followed by a burpee (1 rep) followed by a deep squat long post (1 rep each side) – then repeat this sequence for time or reps.

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