Training2nd December 2019

Tutorial: Barbell Deadlift Row

The barbell deadlift row is a challenging combined exercise for those looking to build strength and endurance. This is how you should perform it.
  • The barbell deadlift row is a great whole-body exercise.
  • The exercise combines two classic exercises – the barbell deadlift and row.
  • As well as developing strength in lifting and pulling, the combination of two exercises will also significantly raise your heart rate. Thereby, you will improve your muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity.
  • Grab a suitably loaded barbell with a shoulder-width grip. Engage the core and set the shoulders. Lift the bar to assume a standing position – this is your start position
  • Keeping the core engaged and the shoulders set, hinge at the hips until the bar is just below the knees. Row the bar towards your belly button and lower again. Immediately deadlift the bar to a standing position – this combination movement completes one repetition.
  • Return under control and repeat the barbell deadlift row for reps or time.
  • Lifting and pulling have long been foundation movements for all types of strength athletes, with the barbell deadlift and the barbell row being the preferred choice of exercises. When performed individually, these classic exercises can develop strength and muscle mass effectively.
  • With the growing popularity of high-intensity training, combination exercises can also add a significant metabolic demand for training, as well as providing substantial challenges to skill and capacity. This may not only appeal to experienced exercisers looking for new challenges but can also appeal to those with lower levels of strength. Especially because combination exercises often require lower loads.
  • The use of low loads/higher reps in combination exercises such as the barbell deadlift row also places greater emphasis on technique – no longer is the focus on merely lifting or clearing the weight. Instead, the focus is now on maintaining technique over a more extended period.
  • The widespread use of combination exercises in modern training programs is a testimony to the rise in popularity of high-intensity training that places more emphasis on strength-endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

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