Training5th April 2017

Tutorial: The Barbell Clean


1. STARTStart the barbell clean by standing with your feet hip width apart, holding the bar. Pull the shoulders back and engage the core.2. BENDKeeping the shoulders pulled back, bend the knees slightly and hinge at the hip.3. JUMPRapidly drive the hips forwards and upwards (jump) pulling the bar up towards the shoulders.4. CATCHCatch the bar across the shoulders and bend into a front squat.5. STANDQuickly stand up with the bar across the shoulders.


  • Drill the technique using a body bar, or an empty Olympic bar
  • Practice steps 1 and 2 separately, before adding the jump and catch
  • As your barbell clean technique improves, drop deeper into a front squat as you catch
  • Catch the bar in a ‘front rack’ position across the shoulders, not the chest
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