Training15th October 2016

What Do You Need To Train At Home?

Do you need any special equipment to train at home?

No, to train at home you don’t need any special equipment – in fact, the simpler, the better! To enjoy some of the most challenging workouts you’ll ever do, you just need a little space and your own bodyweight. Of course, if you have more space and a budget, you can add other small equipment such as exercise bands, a suspension trainer (TRX), kettlebells and medicine balls.

Where is the best place to train?

All you need is 2m x 2m of space – remember, it doesn’t have to be indoors. Interestingly, studies that explore the benefits of exercising outside consistently show that exercisers report more enthusiasm, vitality, pleasure and self-esteem - with lower scores on tension, depression and fatigue. In addition, exposure to direct sunlight will undoubtedly enhance your mood (not to mention your tan!).

Do you have any workout suggestions to get started?

Let’s start with a simple bodyweight circuit that can be performed indoors or outdoors. Perform the following exercises in the order below:Beginner level – if you are new to bodyweight training, perform a timed circuit of the exercises (30s per exercise, controlled tempo, 30s rest in between each exercise). At the end of the circuit, take 60s rest and repeat 2-3 times.Intermediate level – as you get stronger and fitter, increase the time per exercise (eg. 45-60s). Also start building up to a full range of motion with each exercise.Advanced level – for high intensity metabolic conditioning, perform the circuit using 20s per exercise and 10s rest in between each one (Tabata protocol). Each exercise should now be performed as fast as possible (with control). Repeat the circuit 2-3 times.

What is EVO’s position on training at home?

At EVO, we fully support any training performed outside of the club. Whether you choose to train at home, or through sport, we advocate training with skill, purpose and a sense of play. Boosting your gym sessions with ‘at-home’ bodyweight-based training will not only help you to progress further and quicker, it will also create good movement habits for lifelong health and fitness.