Training6th November 2018

Skill based EMOM workout for strength, power and endurance


Moderate-hard workout / core bag circuit / 10-mins

2 exercises

Equipment: 20kg core bag (men); 10kg core bag (women)


It's super simple - but it's also super intense: this core bag workout will help you build skill and test your endurance. Also, you'll find that this workout it's based on a simple and uncommon protocol called EMOM – which means Every Minute on the Minute.

First things first, though. Before you start, grab the only equipment you'll need to perform this EMOM workout: a core bag. We recommend 20kg for men, and 10kg for women, but you're the one in control, so choose according to your fitness level.

Then, it's time to get your stopwatch ready. There are two exercises per circuit:

  1. Core bag deadlift and row (5 reps)
  2. Core bag clean (5 reps)

Prepare to begin your workout and start the stopwatch. The goal is to complete each circuit within every minute - hence the name: EMOM. Any remaining time within the minute should be used taken to rest before the next minute/circuit starts. Repeat the circuits for 10 minutes - it should give you ten rounds.

This EMOM workout focuses on the skill of lifting and pulling, so it's essential that you work on your technique for these two movements, but at the same time, you should perform them as fast as possible. You'll feel fatigued as the workout advances and that makes the rest periods really important. The quicker you work, the more rest you’ll get at the end of each Minute.

Having said this, it's crucial that this workout challenges you. So, if you can complete five reps of each exercise in less than 40 seconds, you should increase the difficulty and add one more rep per each exercise. If you cannot perform five reps of each exercise in under a minute, drop back to 4 reps per exercise. Try to improve your performance each time you complete this workout.



5 reps

  • Set shoulders and engage core
  • Bend and deadlift the bag, driving the hips forwards
  • Bend knees slightly and lower the bag to below the knees – from here, row the bag, before lowering again
  • Deadlift the bag, and repeat for reps


5 reps

  • Set shoulders and engage core
  • Bend and deadlift the bag, driving the hips forwards, bringing the bag to the start position
  • Bend the hips/knees slightly, allowing the bag to drop just below the knees. Rapidly drive the hips and pull the bag upwards, dropping under the bag to catch at the top
  • Stabilize before repeating for reps

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