Training13th December 2018

How to perform the burpee pull-up for explosive power and endurance

How does fitness evolve? Learn how to perform a Burpee Pull Up the EVO way.

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  • The popular burpee exercise inspired the burpee pull-up. The difference is that in this one was added a scalable pull-up exercise to the mix.
  • This exercise combines upper body, core and lower body movements, which effectively increase heart rate.
  • When time is limited, or you want a high-intensity fix, this exercise is the perfect workout Addition.


  • Start In a standing position underneath a high-bar. You can also use a super functional bar if it’s available in your club. Engage the core.
  • Begin the movement by quickly bending down, reaching the hands towards the floor in front of the feet. As you do this, simultaneously jump the legs back and catch the floor in a push-up position
  • Perform a push-up and on the way up, drive the hips up rapidly and drop into a squat position.
  • As soon as you stick the squat, jump up and grab the bar. Use the momentum of the jump and perform an assisted pull-up. Return to standing and repeat continuously for reps or time


  • The burpee pull-up is a useful progression for anyone who has mastered the burpee and wishes to add intensity without necessarily increasing reps.
  • The jump to a pull-up is ideal for those who are working on pull-up skill but do not yet have the required strength for a full pull-up. The use of the super functional bar, if needed, will modify the height and help complete a pull-up. As strength improves, you can raise the bar progressively.
  • Burpee variations will build high levels of strength, power and cardiovascular endurance in a short space of time – making them excellent exercises not only for improving fitness and athletic performance but also for weight loss.

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