Training4th December 2017

Kettlebell Core & Cardio

Get ready for a simple core and cardio workout, that will work on strength, endurance, power and speed. And did we mention coordination, balance and flexibility? No complicated equipment - just you, a kettlebell, and plenty of focus and determination!You will need a kettlebell - 8-12kg for an easier workout; 14-16kg for a harder workout. You will also need quick access to an IC7 spin bike or a treadmill. The workout consists of 6 exercises done for rounds - 3 rounds (easy) and 5 rounds (hard). Start the clock at the beginning and stop when you have finished your rounds. This means that you should move as quickly as possible through the exercise sequence. Aim to keep hold of the kettlebell throughout each circuit, but place it down if you need the rest. The cardio at the end of each round will increase fatigue each time, so be sure to take any additional rest between rounds, if you need it.Try to improve your performance each time you come to EVO. Compete against your friends and other members, and don’t forget to post your scores on social media.


10 repsPick up the kettlebell with one hand. Bend the knees slightly and hinge forwards at the hips, allowing the kettlebell to fall between the legs. Extend the body upwards, using this momentum to swing the kettlebell in front of the body. Gradually increase the speed and range of motion.


8 repsBend the knees slightly as you hinge forwards at the hips. Keep the core strong and elbow close to your side, as you pull the kettlebell towards the chest.Switch sides and repeat.