Training12th February 2019

Four heart-pumping functional exercises to do with your partner

With Valentine’sDay around the corner, you and your significant other might be planning alittle quality time. A short trip, romantic meal, cuddles on the sofa. But ifyou’re one for getting physical - and we don’t just mean in the bedroom -working out with your loved one could bring massive benefits to your relationship.

You’ll gethealthy competition with a strong confidence boost, enjoy bonding over sharedgoals, and you’ll love the rush of endorphins (leading to a happierrelationship and better sex life). Chocolate and roses have nothing on thoseperks.

Put simply,functional training is the way we’re meant to move: purposeful, skillful,playful movements. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together the best functionalexercises to move that way together. Get your heart pumping, blood moving andendorphins soaring - you’ll feel closer than ever after it all.

Lunges of love

Channel yourinner peacock and strengthen your glutes with this simple strengtheningfunctional exercise for Valentine’s. Here’s how to do it:

1. Stand tall with your feethip-width apart, chest lifted and chin up.

2. Step forward with your rightleg, then lower your hips so that your right knee is bent at a 90-degree angle,in line with your toes. Keep your left shin parallel to the ground.

3. Push upwards with your rightfoot and bring your body back to its starting position.

4. Repeat on the left side.

Sweet switch kicks

Valentine’s isall about enjoying watching your other half. And you will enjoy watching themperforiming this particular exercise. It puts the fun in functional, but don’tbe fooled - this body-torching move tones up your triceps, thighs and core.Roll out your mat...

1. Sit on the floor with yourfeet flat, knees bent, palms down behind you and fingers pointed towards yourfeet.

2. Keep your hands and feetfirmly on the floor as you raise your hips from the ground.

3. Kick your left leg as high andfast as you can, immediately followed with your right leg to complete a rep.

4. Continue alternating your legsfor 40 seconds.

(Tuck)jump for joy

Sure to get yourendorphins pumping, this move allows you to be each other’s cheerleader. Standopposite each other and try doing tuck jumps alternatively to your favouritehigh-energy song. Ready?

1. Stand with your feet hip-widthapart and slightly bend your knees. Rest your elbows at your waist and reachyour forearms forwards, parallel to the ground.

2. Bend your knees and lower yourhips into a half squat.

3. Immediately jump upexplosively, tucking your knees up so that your thighs hit your forearms.

4. Land softly on your toes andrepeat for 30 seconds.

Let your heart skip to the beat

You’ll need apair of jump ropes each for this nostalgia-inducing exercise. This move torchestonnes of calories and gives you a full body workout. Stand a good distanceapart so you don’t whip each other - but not so far; after all, it’sValentine’s and you will want to see the playful glee on your faces.

1. Hold the jump rope handles,with the rope behind you and your elbows tight to your body. Place your feetclose together and place your weight onto the balls of your feet.

2. Softly jump with your heelsraised, using your wrists to control the rope and bring it over your head. Jumpover the rope when it comes full swing and you’ve completed one rep.

3. Continue nonstop for one solidminute. Repeat five times.

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