Training10th May 2018

Four cardio exercises you can do at home

Cardiovascular exercise doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of a gym. Opting for a functional-based training regime outside of a gym is a key way to get fit efficiently. But the best part of it is you can undertake a wide range of cardio exercises from your own home, using just your own body movements to achieve effective fitness results.Here are four easy cardio exercises using functional training methods you can do at home:Jumping jacksIt might seem like the classic circuit training exercise, but jumping jacks are an easy and effective cardio workout that you can pretty much anywhere. All you need is a bit of space and some well-supported trainers to make this exercise your go-to workout at home. Said to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes, it’s worth noting that a jumping jacks are high impact which can add stress onto your joints.You’ll find jumping jacks work best during high-intensity training, as you can do a short burst of them to get your heart going. The best way to undertake this exercise isn’t by doing a set number of reps. Instead, set a timer for a minute or two, and keeping going until the alarm rings. Take a break to regulate your respiratory system and repeat.Skipping/jumping ropeAn exercise adopted heavily by the boxing community, jumping (or skipping) rope is one of the best cardio exercises. Firstly, the combination of rhythm, speed, coordination and agility enables you to become more athletic overall - it’s also a proven way to burn fat.Skipping is an extremely versatile workout, which makes it perfect for doing at home. Jumping rope can easily be integrated into any workout routine to achieve results, and you can cater the reps to either number of skips or a specific period of time to suit your workout needs. But best of all - all you actually need is a skipping rope and you have one of the most effective cardio workouts at your disposal.Mountain climbersThis cardio workout will help you build strength around your core and improve your overall endurance - all without the need for any specialist equipment or skills. Starting from the traditional push-up position, you need to keep your arms locked into position whilst moving your legs back and forth one at a time to simulate the motion of running. This exercise has all the key benefits of going for a run, that you can easily gain from inside your own home.To maximise the output of mountain climbers, undertake the exercise as part of a circuit or routine, working in bursts of 30-60 seconds. For example, alternate between 10 mountain climbers and 10 push ups to give your body a hassle-free full workout.BurpeesA renowned circuit training exercise, burpees are best done in short bursts of 30-60 seconds, with a similar length break before doing the next set. A full body workout, you’ll be able to feel the benefits predominantly in your arms, chest, glutes, quads and hamstrings - making burpees an efficient cardio exercise to do at home.This is the ultimate example of functional training - starting from a standing position before squatting, getting into the plank, returning to squatting and jumping up to stand upright. It’s worth noting that this is a very demanding workout - if you’re not used to high intensity cardio exercise, approach sparingly and build up your ability.