Training28th August 2016

EVO Offers Cutting Edge Fitness Assessment Technology

A pressure plate is a simple platform that measures the pressure (force) during standing, walking or running. Pressure readings during standing can provide useful data on posture, balance, and overall foot health – all of which can have a huge impact on how well we move. Pressure data from walking and running can not only be used to confirm existing foot/ankle problems, but also to predict future injuries. This fitness assessment information can then be used to improve foot health and running technique.Developed by the EVO Academy, pressure plate assessment will be available to all EVO members. Kesh Patel, Fitness Director for EVO Europe, says:"Pressure plate technology has been around for many years, however, its application to fitness and health has been extremely limited. EVO is all about promoting skillful human movement, yet our modern day environments and lifestyles are preventing us from performing simple movements such as standing, walking and running without hurting ourselves. We assume we can perform these movements skillfully and so we take them for granted. In reality, lack of skill in these fundamental movements are a leading cause of pain, dysfunction and injury. This fitness assessment technology will help our members become more aware of movement health, and take positive measures towards enhancing it."