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What Is EVOmove?

Fitness by design

Human beings are built for movement. Just look closely at our anatomy and physiology. We have:
  • naturally strong feet and ankles that give us capacity for bearing weight;
  • forward facing toes and long legs that support upright locomotion;
  • mobile hip and shoulder joints on an upright posture, which give us the capacity and flexibility to fully explore our environment.
These explorations draw on the simple skills of squatting, stepping, bending, pushing, pulling, twisting and of course, locomotion. And these movements can also be combined and sequenced in various ways to create other natural, yet purposeful movement patterns.

Move. Perform. Play

To move well we first must learn how. In early childhood, gravity and ground reaction forces were our guides to creating the most appropriate postures for any given task - from sitting and standing, through to crawling and walking. These lessons in posture helped to build bodyweight attitude from an early age. As adults, many of us have lost the ability to adopt the best posture for any given task, much of which is the result of modern living.Today’s technology has significantly reduced the need for us to physically demand much of our bodies – instead of walking, we drive instead of using the stairs, we take the lift or escalator instead of playing outside, we play video games indoors. Technology has also led to the development of over-complicated exercise equipment, which has subsequently led to the creation of over-complicated training methods. Therefore, re-educating and further developing our movement as adults would seem the most natural and efficient way of restoring health, function and vitality, while at the same time providing a much-needed buffer to the stresses of modern living.And why should it stop there? Can we not take these fundamental movement skills and manipulate them further into challenging yet purposeful and playful workouts that not only build fitness but transfer to everyday activities too?

Move. Perform. Play

This is why we developed EVOmove – a unique training system designed to restore the foundations of movement and develop functional performance.
  1. EVOmove initially focuses on Move. Are you able to squat, lunge, bend, push, pull, twist and walk/run with skill? We call these movements the EVO 7.
  2. When you can Move with skill, next comes Perform. This is where you can progressively develop fitness across the EVO 7 – strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility. Without good movement, your performance will also be limited – this is the key to injury-free health.
  3. Finally comes Play. Every species on the planet engages in regular play... except for adult humans. Where possible, make your training playful. This may involve trying new movements, playing games, rehearsing a specific skill, or simply forgetting sets and reps for a while. Just imagine you’re a 4-year old child, exploring your environment with curiosity and imagination.

This is EVOmove.

Welcome to the (r)evolution.For more information about EVOmove, download the EVOmove Workouts App, or speak to an EVO Personal Trainer.

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