Training8th July 2016

EVO Training System: skillful, purposeful and playful

As children, we were efficient movers. We learned this through predictable stages of development, during which mastery of simple movements quickly formed the foundation for more complex movements.But as adults we have forgotten how to move well, through lack of practice and lack of skill. Simple movements that once shaped our physical fitness have now become challenging, inefficient, and redundant in our daily lives. As a result, our movement health has declined.At EVO, we understand the nature of human movement, which is why we developed EVOMOVE – a unique training system that focuses on the very movement patterns that make us human, and programmed in a way that provides real world context. EVOMOVE focusses on re-developing simple human movements with a sense of skill, purpose and play.

We believe there are seven key movement patterns that form the foundation for human movement:

As part of the EVOMOVE training system, we believe that re-building a balanced foundation in these movements is essential for lifelong health, performance and well-being. EVOMOVE improves your fitness in ways that matter to you. This is movement that makes sense.