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Marisa HeinzeJuly 26, 2021

EGYM Smart Strength - This is how you train smart!

You and your body are unique. Just like your training and your lifestyle. In order for you to achieve your individual goals, it's important that you train in a way that suits you and your body. Personalized training is important to keep you motivated, prevent injuries and make long-term progress.

How do I train smart?

With our EGYM Smart Strength equipment, we can offer you just that: A unique training experience that fits your training level, experience and goals, and is fun too!
To start your workout, your current training status is determined. With the help of a maximum strength test, the individual devices determine your current physical level and can create your automatically periodized plan based on this. All data is stored on your member wristband. Through regular progress monitoring, the plan is regularly adapted to you.

But how do you know how to train properly?

With the EGYM curve you can see if you are performing the movement correctly and at the optimal speed. Learn how to move correctly by collecting points on the line and the program tells you exactly how good the execution and quality of your exercise is.
To pick you up where you are, the training intensity, weight, duration and number of repetitions are always adjusted to your individual needs. The weights are regularly adjusted to your current training level. This way, new growth stimuli are set again and again to avoid a training plateau.

Features of EGYM Smart Strength devices:

Full-HD Display

for motivating and targeted training with the EGYM training curve.

Automatic Setting

for user-friendly and safe training that gets you to your goal.

Ergonomic Design

for optimal movement sequences and healthy, physiologically correct training.

RFID Technology

for contactless and hygienic logon to all EGYM Smart Strength devices.
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