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Training8th June 2021

The app that takes your workout to the next level!

EVO Fitness has developed a new app that not only motivates you, but also shows you your athletic and physical development.

What are the functions of the EVO app?

You can create your own training plans, but you can also get inspired by our programs! The app offers you plans for every level and every goal. You can choose between workouts for different muscle groups, which always include a warmup and cool down. You can also choose different exercises from our versatile exercise catalog and create your own workout. For each workout, you earn activity points that you can collect in the app to determine your fitness level.

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What are my advantages?

As an EVO Fitness member, you can also choose your club, view the classes they offer, and complete workouts on-site. Not only can you see the activity points you've earned in your profile, but you can also compare yourself to others in a monthly ranking to motivate you to achieve new bests! When you're working on a specific goal with your trainer at one of the EVO Clubs, your trainer will send your plans directly to the app and you'll always have your training program and progress with you. But you can also use the EVO app for activities outside the gym: if you go swimming, running or cycling, you can enter these workouts into the app and thus keep an eye on your fitness level.

What else does the EVO app do?

The EVO app also offers you the possibility to determine your biological age. With the help of the components strength, muscle imbalances, cardio and metabolism you can calculate your BioAge. Our trainers at the EVO Club will be happy to assist you. You can determine your current fitness level through different strength exercises for the upper body, torso and lower body as well as measurements of resting pulse, blood pressure, body mass index or body fat and calculate your biological age with the app. Often these values are not easy to understand and it is easier to get support from trained personnel. We would be happy to advise you on this directly at the club. We recommend repeating the measurements every three to six months to get a direct comparison. This way you can better understand the results of your hard training and stay on the ball more easily!

Furthermore, with the EVO app we offer you the possibility to participate in certain challenges and compare yourself with other participants. With our app, we have created a fitness community of which you can be a part!

Download the app from your app store and take your workout to the next level!


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