Training13th April 2017

Workout of the Month: Jump Start HIIT Workout


If you like high intensity then you'll love this fast-paced Tabata-style whole body workout. Perfect for when time is limited, this HIIT workout (high intensity interval training) is great if you're just starting out, but will also add variety to existing training.This HIIT workout utilizes key movement patterns across all fitness skills, with a particular focus on endurance, strength and speed. Because of the fast pace, you will notice the immediate rise in your heart rate – perfect for that cardio fix. Being bodyweight only means no equipment, no fuss. With this in mind, it can be performed in EVO as part of your next workout, or outside in your garden or the park.For added variety, partner up with a buddy and compete against each other. Or alternatively, try reversing the order of the exercises! In all cases, focus on good movement technique, whilst moving as fast as possible.



Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Drop down as far as comfortable, pushing the knees outwards. Keep the arms in front of the body for balance. Return and repeat as fast as possible with control.


Get into a push up position. Keeping the core tight and the hips low, bring each knee towards the chest alternately. Continue as fast as possible with control.


Run on the spot and focus on bringing the heels to the butt. Continue as fast as possible with control.


Lie on your front and lift the knees, hips and upper body, so you are resting on your elbows and toes. Keep the core tight and hold this position for time.


Jump the legs out to the side and raise the arms to shoulder height. Return and repeat continuously as fast as possible with control.


Get into a push up position and allow the knees to drop to the floor. Without moving your hands and feet, bend the elbows and lower the chest to the floor. Return and repeat as fast as possible with control.


From standing, step forward into a lunge, bending the back knee towards the floor. Push off the front leg to return and switch sides. Continue as fast as possible with control.


Lie on your front and keep the chin tucked in and the core engaged. Raise the arms and legs off the floor and hold for time.

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