Training2nd April 2018

The art of warming-up in cold weather.

Light warm up workout / barbell +strips + bodyweight / 8 min 4 exercises2 minutes each exerciseEquipment: barbell, , bodyweight Strength 4/10Power 2/10Endurance 4/10Speed 2/10Agility 4/10Coordination 6/10Balance 8/10Flexibility 7/10 DESCRIPTIONEVO training is about simplicity. If you're finding traditional training a little boring, over-complicated and un motivating, you'll love this simple high Intenisty program. No frills, no spills - just low tech, high effect!You will need a barbell, strips to hold the bar and your own weight. Organize your space so you have easy access to this equipment, without having to go too far.This warm-up is performed in 8 minutes. Each exercise will take you 2 minutes to complete. Try to improve your performance each time you come to EVO. Do it with your friends and other members, and don’t forget to post it on social media.For motivation, partner up with a buddy and compete against each other during and after the warm.up. Remember, EVO training is about skill, so focus on good movement technique, whilst moving as fast as possible. ROLL OUT WITH STEP2 minutes, moving at a moderate speed;
  • With the trapeze bar hanged, grab it on the extremities with your arms extended. The bar must be aligned with your chest. The bar must be at chest height.
  • Take a long step forward and lunge deep, moving the arms straight overhead, torso upright. Return and switch legs. EXTENSION2 minutes, moving at a moderate speed;
  • Stand upright and hold the trapeze bar with arms straight. Engage the core and transfer weight to one leg.
  • Hinge at the hips as you reach forward with the bar. Aim to keep the torso in line with the raised leg.
  • Keep your arms extended, holding the bar and try to go further, extending your shoulders, trunk and leg.
  • Alternate between legs and repeat REACH2 minutes, moving at a moderate speed;
  • Hang the bar slightly above your hip.
  • Bent your trunk to the bar side leaning your forearm over the bar
You’ll feel a slight stretch on the rib cage. After that, return to the initial Position TWIST2 minutes, moving at a moderate speed;
  • Lie on your back with knees bent. Place the right leg over the left thigh and allow it to hang in the bar.
  • With the left foot, take a small step to the right, so the foot is in line with the right hip.
Allow the left leg to slowly rotate to the right and back to the centre. Feel the movement (and stretch) in the left outer hip, but do not over-stretch. Repeat and switch sides.