Training30th August 2017

7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Personal Trainer

In this article, we’ve put together 7 important reasons why you should have a Personal Trainer.1. Eyes on the prize – when we train alone, we are often distracted physically and emotionally. We get caught up in things that shouldn’t matter during training. A personal trainer will keep you focused with an objective eye.2. Perfect your technique – as we say at EVO, technique is everything. Without it, you increase your risk of injury. Personal trainers will have expert knowledge in movement techniques that will improve your workout and sports performance.3. Better than a mirror – mirrors can be great for checking technique, but a personal trainer will not only check your form, they will improve it while you work.4. Push your limits – everyone thinks they train hard on their own. But when your personal trainer says, ‘one more rep’ or ‘hold it for 10 secs longer’, you do it. And you will become better for it.5. Accountability – having a personal trainer is like having a contract. Bailing out on your own training session is easy – cancelling a scheduled PT session is much harder to justify!6. Overcome plateaus – a personal trainer will provide intelligent, systematic and progressive training combined with proper recovery to ensure that you keep adapting, without plateauing.7. Knowledge = Empowerment – personal training is more than just training. It’s also an education. The more time you spend with a trainer the more you will learn about your body, and begin to take responsibility for your own health and well-being.At EVO, we are proud to have the best Personal Trainers in the industry. All our trainers are required to complete foundation training at EVO Academy, in addition to their own self-study. Our trainers are not only experienced coaches - they are also intelligent, hard-working and curious about health and fitness. This is why we have chosen them to be ambassadors for the EVO brand.If you are interested in booking Personal Training, why not speak to a trainer in your club, or contact one via the website or EVOmove Workouts app.