Training22nd March 2018

6 exercises you can do anywhere

All you need is yourself. EVO's philosophy is all about simplicity. High-quality gym equipment is definitely a plus and it can help you meet your goals. However, in the end, your body can be your own gym.We've brought you a bottom workout that will also help you improve your back and posture. As we said, you won't need any equipment to make this work. This way, you can perform it anywhere and anytime. It should take you about 20min to complete it. You can save it on your mobile or even print it out, so you always have this plan near you.
  1. Single Leg Glute Bridge
Lie on the floor with your feet flat and knees bent. Raise one leg off the ground, pulling the knee to your chest. Driving through the heel, extend your hip upward and raise your glutes off the ground.2 sets x 15 repetitions
  1. Forward Lunge
Stand straight with your feet together. Contract your abdominal muscles to stabilize your upper body. Lift your left leg off the floor and take a giant step forward. Slowly lower your torso by bending your right knee toward the floor. Lower until your left knee forms a 90-degree angle and stays aligned with your ankle. Push yourself upward and return to to the starting position.2 sets x 10 repetitions
  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust
Rest your upper back on a bench, box or couch that should have approximately your knee height. Extend one leg in front of you and plant the other close to your bottom. Drive your foot into the floor and extend your hips up until your body is parallel to the floor.2 sets x 12 repetitions
  1. Frog Pumps
Lie on your back with bent knees to the side and your feet soles together. Stretch your knees as far as you can, so that the outside of the foot is on the ground. Bridge into the air while maintaining Position.2 sets x 20 repetitions5. Toe touchesBend down to touch one of your feet with the opposite hand. After that, return to starting position. Make sure you straighten your hips between each repetition. Bend most of the hip, but avoid bending the knee too much. Do all the repetitions on one leg before changing to the other.2 sets x 12 repetitions6. Side plank with leg liftLie on your side and position yourself on your bottom elbow and side of your foot. Lift your hips in the air, forming a straight line from ankles to shoulders, while bracing your core. It's important that you keep your torso stable. Then, raise your top leg without bending your knee. Do not let your hips drop. Return to starting position.2 sets x 10 repetitionsOriginal article was written by Petter HÃ¥heim JohnsenPersonal Trainer