Nutrition8th July 2016

Metabolic Health?

Alongside movement and recovery, an optimal metabolism is one of the cornerstones of overall health. Our metabolism converts food into energy needed for everything we do from moving to thinking to growing. Metabolism is controlled not only by what we eat, but by the way we move and our recovery status.

Good metabolic health is more than just eating healthy

– it’s about understanding how food choices and eating behaviours affect the chemical reactions that impact our health. Without this understanding, even ‘apparently healthy’ foods can negatively affect our health, and when combined with over-training and poor recovery strategies, can lead to a chronically low metabolism.This can lead to a number of hormonal issues that can affect our health and performance, including decreased testosterone and growth hormone, decreased fat burning, insulin resistance, dry skin and hair, insomnia, fatigue, frequent urination and food cravings.With a few simple dietary modifications and behavioural strategies, you can kick-start your metabolism, enjoy increased performance and natural weight loss, and return your body to optimal health.