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What is a boutique fitness studio and why are they here to stay?

Picture the scene: you step into your gym and instead of beingreceived by a crowd of people trying to get a small spot to exercise, you finda calm, curated and brilliantly designed workout area. There you can performyour workout peacefully, with enough space and no lines to use the gymequipment.

Every aesthetic detail is considered to create a stylish fitnessexperience. Different people surround you, but with they share the same goals.And that is, in our opinion, a catalystfor you to give everything you've got in a genuinely fun, unique and refreshingway. You leave happy, with the feeling of a job done right; knowing you’ve hada genuinely beneficial workout - and those endorphins carry through the rest ofyour day.

Buzzing for boutique

Welcome to theage of the boutique workout. Smaller, high-end fitness studios have surged inpopularity over the past few years, with new studios popping up at a whopping450%, according to a fitness industry update by investment firmPiper Jaffray.

Generally, a boutiquestudio focuses specialises in a particular area of fitness, like HIIT or yoga. EVO’sphilosophy is that movement is nature’s way, rather than anintervention. That’s why our boutique studios champion progressive and playfultraining, focussing on functional fitness.

Experiential exercise rules all

There’s a reason the boutique breed is exploding onto the fitnessscene. Exercise enthusiasts and athletes want more than a simple workout. Theylong for a place where they can improve their skills peacefully and on theirpace.

Boutique studiosare more than just a place to workout - they are community-powered havens thatintegrate organically into member’s lives. That post-workout feeling justcannot be replicated by working out in a crowded chain gym. At EVO, you willalso find dedicate Personal Trainers, ready to devise workout plans to help youachieve your goals.

What’s the future for boutique studios?

It’s clear thatboutiques will continue to capture the hearts of those craving a well-roundedfitness and wellness club. Ask anyone who comes to an EVO gym why they love itand they’ll tell you it’s all about the experience: the incredibly advancedfitness technology, the simplicity of joining, the motivation, the brandphilosophy.
Another reasonboutique studios will continue to blossom is location. No one wants to travellengthy distances to get a workout. From Bern to Zurich, the smaller nature of EVO clubsgives us the power to pop up in more places, so that you have a better chanceof finding one close to your home or near your office.

All of theseboutique benefits mean that you’re less likely to slip into that post-New-Yearlull, where well-intended resolutions taper off, and gym memberships arewasted. Members of smaller studios are regular exercisers – they have goals toachieve, and they stick to their plans to do so.

Don’t expect your standard chain gym equipment atEVO: our clubs dedicate space to everything from kinesis stations to freestyleplaygrounds with gymnastic rings, Swedish ladders and even a bespoke octagonalfunctional frame. Think of it more as a sanctuary than a sweatbox - a place toreconnect your senses to the environment and move the way your body’s supposedto. Find out more about our unique boutique studio here.


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