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Marisa HeinzeDecember 11, 2019

Fitness Christmas gifts your gym-obsessed friends will love

It’s undoubtedly a time of indulgence - what with all the Christmas puddings, mulled wine and turkey sandwiches. But that doesn’t mean we all need to slump into the sofa and never return until January. We all have those friends more interested in fitness than fudge during the festive season - you might be one of them. If you’re stumped on what to buy them (or treat yourself to) - these clever health and fitness Christmas gifts are perfect for the exerciser who has everything.
Best fitness Christmas gifts for yoga bunnies
  • FeetUp® Headstand Yoga Stool

The headstand can take years to master, but the FeetUp® Headstand Yoga Stool lets Yogis of any level experience the benefits of inversion immediately. There’s no fear (hurray), since pressure is taken away from the neck and spine. And for those fretting about falling, this solid bit of kit prevents you from slipping or tipping over. Give a beginner the gift of confidence, or a more experienced loved one the challenge to expand their practice - building playful, progressive strength doing so. Buy it here.
Best fitness Christmas gifts for friends in a workout plateau
  • A personal training experience
We’ve all been there - you reach a point in your training where you aren’t seeing any progress and, quite frankly, are getting a little tired. The gift of a personal trainer can help your buddy bust boredom - EVO offer free trials for personal training they’ll love. Book them in and present your friend with a tailored workout experience that’ll respark their mojo for the new year and beyond.
Best fitness Christmas gifts for cardio-beasts
  • Survival and Cross Jump Rope
Slick, stylish and lightweight, this speed jump rope is the ideal stocking filler for anyone wanting to lose weight, tone muscles and get a full-body functional workout, anywhere, at any time. Fitted with ball bearings, it allows effortlessly smooth rotation - brilliant for boxers wanting a super-fast body-blitz, or even a light warm-up. With its skull design, it truly looks like the rope of a rockstar too - grab one from Amazon.
Best fitness Christmas gifts for tech-nerds
  • Fitbit Versa 2 Health Fitness Smartwatch
Show us a fitness-obsessed techie and we’ll show you the latest Fitbit. This one answers the prayers of anyone with health and fitness goals for the new year - watch them beam as they open a water-resistant, sleep-scoring, heart-rate-tracking, Alexa-built-in wrist machine. With a battery life that lasts at least five days, and more than 15 exercise modes (including running, cycling and weights), you can’t go wrong with this nifty gift. Shower them in smarts and buy one from the Fitbit site.
Best fitness Christmas gifts for your mate with sore muscles
  • Nike Textured Foam Roller
Got a friend, family member, colleague or partner who runs a lot, lifts weights or lives on the climbing wall? Chances are, they’re forever breaking up and healing their muscle tissue and will absolutely applaud you for thinking of this next gift: the humble yet mighty foam roller. You can pick them up on a budget, but not all rollers are equal. We love this recovery foam roller from Nike, with dense ridges that stimulate and stretch muscle groups for a beautiful self-massage. Read our foam roller tutorial for more insights into what foam rolling is and how exactly it works.