Training31st October 2018

4 exercises to develop your glutes

It’s not just about looking good. Your glutes are there for other reasons. Of course, looking good and having firm and shapely glutes is great and you’ll definitely look great with the right type of jeans. However, glutes are fundamental in movements like jumping and sprinting; also, they play a key role in relieving low-back pain and they are crucial to everyday movements like standing or climbing stairs. That’s why we brought you 4 good exercises for your glutes, courtesy of EVO Norway PT Frida Rommen.
  1. Dumbbell deadlift

  • Stand with your feet little wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Hold a dumbbell with both hands, in front you and between you thighs
  • Back straight, keens slightly leaning forward
  • Lean forward to bring the dumbbell down
  • Back at the initial position
  • That’s one rep
  1. Static Glute Bridge

  • Hold still in the top position of glute bridge
  • Feet should be about hip-width apart
  • Squeeze your glutes and hold at the top
  1. Cable Squat

  • Stand in front of the machine with a straight bar or robe attached
  • Step back so there is tension in the cable
  • Perform the squat
  • Repeat
  1. Barbell Hip Thrust

  • Place your upper back on the bench with the barbell across your hips
  • Feet planted firmly on the ground, close to your glutes
  • Drive your hips up
  • Engage your core and abs
  • Hold for a count and only then return to starting position
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