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How EVO is different

EVO offers a unique space where you can re-connect your mind and body to the environment through skilful, purposeful and playful movement.   To support this process, EVO has chosen the best-in-class equipment which focusses on restoring and improving natural human movement. Should you require a little more guidance and motivation, our team of expert Personal Trainers can help you get the most out of your sessions using innovative coaching techniques via 1-2-1 training.   Whether your goal is health, fitness or performance, EVO will help you achieve this in a natural, functional way.

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Redefining fitness and health

Each EVO Fitness gym has different training zones designed to meet the needs of every member, but also to provide a progressive and playful training environment. Although each of our fitness studios will be slightly different, you will still find all of the training zones.

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EVOMove training system

EVOmove has developed an innovative training system which aims at improving skillful human movement to enhance performance. Thus, your sense of balance, postural strength and mobility will be improved. This way, your body is trained functionally, which results in increased well-being, lowered risk of injury and it prevents postural deformity.

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Personal training for your fitness

A personal trainer can help you taking your training to a higher level. You can achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Our trainers have graduated from the EVO Academy and are downright experts in the matter of fitness. An individual training plan increases your physical and mental well-being, improves your endurance, strength, efficiency and coordination and protects against injuries.

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