EVO's training system

Movement that makes sense

EVOMove has developed an innovative training system which aims at improving skillful human movement to enhance performance. EVOMove focusses on re-developing simple human movements with a sense of skill, purpose and play.


Skills focus on developing and maintaining static and dynamic balance. These include:
• Single leg balance
• Bending and curling
• Twisting and turning
• Stretching and reaching
• Weight transfer


Manipulative skills focus on object control – your own bodyweight or an external object.

These include:
• Pushing and pulling
• Throwing and catching
• Striking and kicking

EVO is about simplicity

You are committed.
 You come to train.
 Your time is precious. 
You want your space, a sanctuary.
 You want things your way, on your terms.
 You want the best and won’t compromise. 
That’s why you choose,

EVO, fitness evolved.

Inspired by nature, EVO looks back but thinks forward reconnecting our senses to our environment.



We strive to ensure that each member has the ability to take ultimate control of their exercise and training.



We believe in mutual respect. Everyone has the right to train in an optimal environment and to focus their time on achieving their goals.



EVO is about simple training, and our experts are on hand to provide you with the tools you need for optimal health and maximum results.



We deliver on our promise to provide our members with a great training environment, the best equipment, and first-class health and fitness advice.

you want to bring your fitness to the next level?