EVO Academy

EVO Academy

Redefining fitness and health

EVO Academy is a centre of excellence for education and development. The Academy aims to give credibility to the EVO brand, and set us apart from the competition through innovation, expertise and community engagement.

The EVO Academy is headed up by renowned movement coach and author, Kesh Patel, Fitness Director for EVO Europe, located in London.

Return to natural movement

EVO Academy strongly believes that a return to natural movement can have a profound positive impact on physical, metabolic and psychological health.


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Learn more about functional training and have a look at our turorials and blog posts about training, lifestlye, nutrition and well-being.

EVO Magazine

Expert personal training

Our Personal Trainers must attend and pass the EVO Academy Foundation Training, where they are taught: • How to assess human movement using cutting-edge technology • New Cutting Edge Training methods • New coaching skills on bodyweight training, functional fitness, corrective exercise, and sports performance

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Personal training can help you

Our Personal Trainers receive regular on-site training to ensure they remain up to date and are able to provide the optimal training experience for all EVO members.