Training17th August 2017

Workout Of The Month: "Devil’s Advocate" Cardio Workout


If you find long duration cardio training a little boring, then you’re in for a treat! This Devil´s Advocate workout will still give you a cardio workout fix, but with combined bodyweight movements.In true EVO style, this cardio workout is simple, or as we say – lo-tech, hi-effect. For maximum impact, it takes place in the cardio area. You will need a treadmill, bike and rower. In between each cardio exercise, you will need a small amount of space to perform bodyweight exercises. As a suggestion (and where possible) use the treadmill and bike at the end of the row – this will minimise transition between exercises.This cardio workout is done for time. This means that you should move as quickly as possible through the exercise sequence. Start your timer at the beginning, then stop after 5 rounds to get your time. Try to improve you time each time you come to EVO. Compete against your friends and other members, and don’t forget to post your scores on social media.The one thing you cannot change in this workout is the cardio exercises – this is a set time (1 min). The real strategy is in how much rest you take at the end of each round – this is entirely your decision. The clock will keep running, so don’t take too much. Too little rest may result in early fatigue!Finally, don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this workout – each preceding exercise is designed to challenge the next one. And did we mention that blood flow is being moved quickly from upper to lower body, so your heart rate will rise very quickly! For motivation, partner up with a buddy and compete against each other. Remember, EVO training is about skill, so focus on good movement technique, whilst moving as fast as possible.


  • 6 exercises
  • 5 rounds for time
  • Equipment: treadmill, bike, rower


  • 6 reps
  • Bend down dropping the butt as close to the floor as comfortable. Keep core tight and drive hips up. As a progression, raise arms overhead.


  • 1 min
  • > 8kph


  • 6 reps
  • Keep body in straight line and lower to the floor. Keep core and glutes tight, shoulders over wrists, and push up. Make the exercise easier by resting on your knees.

4. CYCLE (standing)

  • 1 min
  • Moderate resistance


  • 6 reps
  • Quickly drop to the floor, keeping core tight. Rapidly push hands into floor, and drive hips up back to standing position. Make the exercise easier by removing the push up and just jumping back to standing.

6. ROW

  • 1 min
  • Moderate resistance

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