Training30th November 2018

Tutorial: Superfunctional Y


  • The superfunctional Y is a strength and control exercise, that targets hip/back extension and shoulder stability.
  • This exercise combines upper body, core and lower body movements in a coordinated way.


  • Set up your start position by grabbing the bar and pulling it overhead with straight arms. In this position, your feet should be slightly in front of the bar (leaning back). This will maintain tension through the body.
  • Begin the movement by bending the hips and knees, allowing the bar to drop in front of the body. Keep the back straight and arms locked by your ears.
  • Keeping the control control, extend the hips and return to the top position. Aim to keep the arms overhead at all times. Repeat for reps/time.
  • Training progression: when you have built a good level of strength and control, try substituting the bar with TRX – this will constitute a greater stability challenge.


  • The superfunctional Y is an excellent low-intensity movement to train/retrain the hip extension pattern in an upright position. It is ideally suited for higher reps that will build strength endurance, and while it may not sit within your workouts, it can be an essential part of any corrective exercise/recovery program
  • This movement will build shoulder mobility, stability and control – often lacking in many people. For this reason, the superfunctional Y can be an essential drill for anyone involved in explosive movements such as jumping or overhead lifting.

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