Training9th April 2018

Tutorial: Push-up explosive

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform a push up explosive the EVO way.


  • The push up explosive is a functional upper-body strength, power and balance exercise.
  • This exercise uses nothing more than your weight and targets the chest, arms, abs and spine stabilization.
  • It's a great exercise for those who want to add variety to their chest workout and create a power stimulus to your body.


  • Lay down on the floor, facing down and with your hands at the width of your shoulders, and your elbows bended.
  • Try to maintain your trunk as a plank while applying an extremely explosive extension of your arms, so powerful that your hands disconnect from the floor (you can clap your hands if you can have enough space above your chest)
  • Land your hands on the floor and decelerate the movement until your chest is near the floor.


  • Doing explosive push-ups increases functional strength and power in a upper body activation
  • Upper body muscles are usually weaker than lower body because we currently use them less.
  • Explosive push-ups prevent shoulder injury. They strength all the trunk muscles.
  • You’ll improve your posture and promote core strength.
  • It reduces lower back pain.