Training18th June 2018

Tutorial: Kinesis Twisting Punches

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform Kinesis Twisting Punches the EVO way.


  • Kinesis Twisting Punches is a functional exercise performed on pushing and pulling pillar combined with rotational pillar
  • Hardens your chest and arms and mobilizes the trunk with some stabilization at the same time
  • Generate power and strength transference from lower body to upper body


  • Standing backwards to the kinesis One, hang the cable grips with your hands close to your trunk and arms flexed. Feet parallel at hip length.
  • Stabilize your scapula by pulling your elbows to the floor (maintain your arms flexed)
  • Activate your abs
  • Rotate your ankle to the medial line and let that torque goes to the knee and hip
  • As you twist your hip using abs and glutes, use your chest to stabilize the scapula and extend your arm to the front until your arm is fully elongated
  • Turn to starting position, first flexing the arm, stabilizing the scapula and twisting your torso to the front position and gyrating the heel to flat your feet.


  • Increases functional strength and mobility in a full body activation mode
  • Promote core activation
  • Promote coordination
  • Promote joint mobility
  • Increases power
  • Increases agility