Training14th May 2018

Tutorial: Hanging twist

How does fitness evolve?

Learn how to perform a Hanging Twist the EVO way.



  • Hanging Twist is a very functional exercise whose foundation lies in rotation.
  • Performing it in an alternated way activates all trunk muscles on a horizontal plan
  • By twisting the torso we can increase trunk strength, mobilization and stabilization


  • Hang the bar fixed on the strips with your arm extended above the head
  • If you need, you can bend your knees a little to have your arm and trunk well extended
  • Stand in front the bar, with your feet on the floor, twist your hip to the side
  • Your knees should be pointing to the side while your chest is facing forward
  • After hanging in the bar and stabilizing your trunk, push your knees up and twist the hips at the same time, while suspended for a moment
  • Land on your feet, stretch the trunk a little and twist again to the initial Position


  • Warm-up is a very important stage of an exercise program. It increases body temperature, prepares muscles, ligaments and tendons to exercise
  • Rotational movement allows the body to accelerate and decelerate forces and make some upper body and lower body movement transfers
  • Most of human muscles are oblique, which means that they are prepared to twist; warm up the torso will prepare the vertebral column to this effort.