Training9th January 2020

Tutorial: angled push-up

The angled push-up is an excellent suspension training exercise that will challenge your upper body and core. Here is how to perform an angled push-up for increased strength and control.
  • The angled push-up is a suspension training exercise performed using a trapeze bar (superfunctional bar).
  • Like traditional suspension trainers (such as TRX) it provides an unstable environment in which to train. Combine it with proper technique, and you have a great tool that will improve joint health.
  • This exercise engages the whole body with a particular focus on the core muscles, chest and shoulders.
  • Position the bar just below chest height. Stand behind the bar and hold it at arm’s length using a shoulder-width grip.
  • Keeping the arms straight, lean your body into the bar, so you come into the start position. Engage the core slightly and set the shoulders.
  • From here, lower your chest towards the bar, keeping the body straight (and core engaged). Pause for a moment before returning to the start.
  • Repeat for reps or time.
  • The use of a straight bar can reduce stress on the wrists compared to TRX and may, therefore, offer an alternative or different way to train the same movement. Once you have increased strength in the wrists, you can progress to TRX single handles, as well as feel more comfortable doing push-ups on the floor
  • Suspension training is sometimes regarded as an easy option, compared to using free weights. However, it’s essential to consider that suspension training provides instantaneous feedback about joint position and body alignment and will force you to be more mindful about correct body alignment. Besides, the higher the joint demands will mean you are pushing/pulling less weight compared to free weights. This means a lower risk of injury and better control of movement. With this in mind, suspension training can be an excellent recovery and plateau tool – within your free weights program.
  • Finally, don’t forget the adaptiveness of suspension training. As you get stronger, you can modify your body position to create more leverage to load your body more effectively. In this exercise, you can lower the bar to make it more challenging.

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