Training28th June 2018

Summer body workout: 5 functional moves to maintain fitness on vacation

Summer has arrived. With it comes longer days, less clothes and (hopefully) more activities. Staying active and playful is easier during the warmer months - we want to be in the house less and moving about outdoors more.Even if you can’t make it to the gym to work on your summer body, there are plenty of ways to stay fit with functional workouts - even when you’re on holiday. It’s all about adapting to your environment - we’re only as fit as our ability to do so.No equipment and minimal space needed: this smart summer workout can be done wherever you are in the world, using your own body as a fitness tool.Summer bodyweight workoutEffective and challenging, you can start off repeating this summer bodyweight workout two or three times to get started, increasing the circuits as your functional fitness increases.
Power-up your upper body, improve your posture and boost core strength by kicking off with some explosive push-ups. We often use our upper body less than our lower body, so it’s crucial to strengthen it with moves like this. Learn how to do them the EVO way here.
  1. DEEP SQUATS x 15
Settle deep into those squats: feet shoulder-width apart, feet turned out slightly, and hold with balance for 10 seconds a series of reps. These should be brought into every workout to build strength, flexibility and balance - it’s arguably the most important functional exercise of them all. Our deep squat tutorial will show you how to master it like a pro.
  1. V-SITS x 10
Time to get those abdominals into gear. V-sits are brilliant for challenging your middle section and quads, as well as the hamstrings. Turn it into full explosive movements for maximum impact - our explosive V-sit tutorial video will guide you through each one with perfect form for a sculpted, high-toned summer body. Rest for 10 seconds
  1. BUNNY HOPS x 10
Get a concrete core, improve your coordination and fully activate your body for pure functional strength with bunny hops. It’s the ultimate calorie-burner using your own body weight as a workout tool - here’s a super speedy tutorial video to get you started.
Lunging and jumping are fundamental functional movements. Practice makes perfect and this exercise can be done anywhere. Our lunge jump with rotation tutorial will show you the step-by-step instructions to maximise strength in your legs, glutes and thighs, boost trunk stabilisation and promote balance. You’ll activate plenty of muscles and torch more calories.Heading to the beach? Pounding the sand can add resistance to your workout - and nothing beats the ocean air when exercising. Our 12-minute beach workout is a step-up from this quick anywhere workout - incorporating shoulder bridges, side lunges, one-leg burpees and plank side jumps for an even more demanding sweat-a-thon that delivers incredible results. Once you’re done, you can dive into the refreshing seaside waters for an invigorating post-workout wash. Beats the treadmill anyday.