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Health comes first. Please collaborate!

In context of the re-opening of our fitness clubs, we pay closer attention to hygiene than ever before to best protect the health of our members, guests and employees. We have devised important measures to reduce and keep the risks associated with COVID-19 to a minimum. We kindly ask for your help in this matter. With attentive behaviour, improved standards, and consideration, we can all contribute to a safe environment during these unusual times.

Re-Opening Live Ticker

We are back!

  • Düsseldorf Le Flair: OPEN!
  • Berlin Mitte: still closed. Re-opening on June, 2nd at 6am!
  • Hamburg Blankenese: OPEN!
  • Hamburg Schanze: OPEN!
  • Hamburg Stadthausbrücke: OPEN!

What hygiene measures does EVO Fitness take?

  • Additional daily cleaning intervals with disinfection of all areas
  • Additional hand and equipment disinfection dispensers in all clubs
  • Disinfection wipes for the usage of different equipment
  • Regulation of a minimum distance of 1.5 metres during your training in Düsseldorf
  • Regulation of a minimum distance of 2.5 metres during your training in all clubs in Hamburg
  • Courses and small group trainings reduced to 50% of participants
  • In our clubs in Berlin and Hamburg Schanze and Blankenese we will install Air Purifiers for fresher air in the studios

Please note: the number of people allowed inside the club at the same time will be reduced and set by the authorities until further notice. The maximum number of people allowed in each club is as follows:

  • Berlin Mitte: 40 people
  • Düsseldorf Le Flair: 35 people
  • Hamburg Blankenese: 40 people
  • Hamburg Schanze: 25 people
  • Hamburg Stadthausbrücke: 30 people

We have taken measures in all our clubs to assure that our system at the entrance automatically regulates the check-ins and maximum capacity. The following link gives you access to our Live Ticker, where you can see the amount of people using your club at any time: Hereby, we can guarantee a better safety by avoiding unnecessary cues in the entrance area. If your club has reached its maximum capacity, we kindly ask you for a little patience. You will be able to access the club as soon as another person leaves.

    What hygiene measures should I pay attention to and what is generally recommended?

    • Please wash your hands and disinfect them after entering the club
    • Please wash your hands and disinfect them before leaving the club
    • We recommend the usage of disposable gloves for the training
    • We recommend that you work out outside our peak times
    • Please disinfect all equipment after usage
    • Please change to clean training shoes in the entrance area
    • Required: towel usage for your training – please bring your own towel
    • Please avoid touching your face while training
    • High fives and handshakes are not allowed. Please avoid all body contact
    • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to others in Düsseldorf
    • Keep a minimum distance of 2.5 metres to others in all clubs in Hamburg
    • Partner exercises or body contact with others training should be avoided
    • The distance to people training intensely should be more than 1.5 metres
    • The water dispensers are temporarily out of service – please bring your own water bottle
    • Our showers and changing facilities will be re-opened in EVO Le Flair Düsseldorf from the 25.05.2020 onwards.
    • After the re-opening of our EVO clubs in Hamburg and Berlin, we kindly ask you to shower at home and come to the club already in your training gear. We will, of course, inform you as soon as we are able to open our shower and changing facilities in Hamburg and Berlin, too.
    • Currently there is no requirement to wear a mask during your training at EVO. However, you can choose to do so if you please
    • We recommend moderate cardio and strength training to avoid strong breathing
    • Please keep your training to a maximum of 1 hour

    Very important:

    Please note that you will NOT be allowed access to our club if you are feeling sick, if you are experiencing fever or difficulty breathing, if you have a cough, or if you have in contact with a person that is presumed or confirmed to be COVID-19 positive.

    If you are within the risk group for this virus and you have questions, feel free to contact your club manager via phone or e-mail. You can find the contact details for your club on the respective page of the website. Please let us know if there is anything, we can do for you.

    We appeal to your own personal and social responsibilities when interacting with others. Thank you for your understanding and your support in this matter.

    Notice of the legal obligation to prove chains of infection

    In case of an official request to prove chains of infections, we are legally required to hand over your personal data including full name, telephone number, e-mail address or home address, as well as your visiting times to the club to the responsible authorities. By checking-in to the club, you agree to the transfer of your personal information upon request by the authorities.



    On what basis have you developed these hygiene measures?
    How do you regulate the entry and how do you plan to avoid waiting queues?
    How will you ensure safety distances during the training?
    How do you ensure that all hygiene measures are complied with?
    What recommendations can you give me, if I belong to the group for high risk, and can I resume my training in the club?
    Will group courses resume as usual from the start?
    Will ‘Introduction Times’ take place as usual?
    What happens if I do not yet want to resume my training and wait a bit longer?
    How does the training generally work?
    Can I pause my membership?
    How can I pause my membership?
    How can I keep fit during this time?

    We would like to thank all members from the bottom of our hearts, who have decided to keep their membership going and thereby support us in these difficult times

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